Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blaze Villain Contest


Ever want to see one of your ideas brought to life in a clip? Well, now is your chance! We want you to create the most dastardly, devious villain you can think of and let Good Girl Productions bring him or her to life! That's right! The winner of this contest will see his or her character featured in an upcoming clip and their name (or pen name) added as a contributing writer in the credits! Jennifer Blaze will be contacting the winner personally by phone or Skype call (whichever is more convenient) to congratulate them and discuss production details. The winner will also receive an autographed set of the Photo Booth Picture Strip and a copy of the finished video featuring their character.

Second and Third place winners will also receive an autographed copy of the picture strip as a thank you for all their hard work!

Details about your villain should include:

  1. Is your villain male or female?
  2. Does he/she have a motto or catch phrase?
  3. Describe the “look” of your character, including particular color choices, weapons, any distinguishing features such a scars or birthmarks etc. We will do our best to match the look as closely as possible but reserve the right to make changes based on costume availability and budget.
  4. What is your villain's goal? What is his or her problem, issue or plan with our heroine? What sort of peril due you see being employed?
  5. Is your villain a physical fighter? Use gadgets and devices? Or more cerebral and crafty?
  6. Any particular Fetish or torment/torture style your villain employs? reasonable and creative. Make it fun!
  7. Brief description of characters back story (not required but interesting and will be utilized if provided)
  8. In your mind, is your villain victorious in the end? Or does he/she get defeated by our heroine?
  9. Does your villain have a particular lair or hideout? Does he/she employ henchmen or women?

Your character can include both drama and humor, as all good comic books do. Remember that sometimes simple is better, so try to keep your submission to no more than a page or two, at the most.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of acting/writing professions who are associates of Ms. Blaze. Heaping flattery on to Ms. Blaze will not help your cause, even if she does like and appreciate it.

Please Note: Casting of this character is the sole right and responsibility of Good Girl Productions in collaboration with Dawnstar Productions. Final script will be written by Jennifer Blaze and Shakeshift. Good Girl Productions reserves the right to alter the character as necessary to make it

Contest runs from today, January 7th, 2015 thru February 2nd, 2015 with all entries due by Midnight on the 2nd. Late submissions will not be considered.

One submission per person, please. Submit your idea to Please do not submit via Facebook or any other social media. Email only. Thank you and Happy Writing!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Learning the Ropes...

Let's play a game. Let's see what crazy format this Blog that dislikes me so strongly chooses today. Great big gaps between my paragraph's, or just one large rambling paragraph for your reading pleasure. Who knows? Maybe it will come up with something new and different! Ha! And still, no photo's! It just freezes! Ah well, I'll have to just try and paint a picture for you.

I'd never been bound by a professional rigger before I went to Fetish Con in Tampa. Now, when I saw professional, that's not to say I haven't been bound well, on set. However, the rigger's at Fetish Con are true masters of the art and take great pride in their work. Ever since Shakeshift told me he'd arrange to have me bound in the dungeon at the Con, well, I have to say, I was so excited and completely looking forward to it!

It was the first official night of the convention. I was in my full Wonder Woman attire (of course!) and we were circulating at the Meet and Greet for models, actresses and producer's.  I was chatting a beautiful blonde woman, Whitney Morgan, with a man all in latex at her feet, kissing her boots when Shakeshift  touched my shoulder and said there was someone he wanted me to meet.

Yes. You guessed it. The Rigger, Arthur "Reno-Binder" stood before me with a gorgeous spritely little female in a slave costume, bound and being lead around by a leash, in full upper body bondage. I promptly took the leash of course, and she and I had some fun posing for photographs. But what I was really thinking it my turn yet?

Now, I had no idea who I would react to being fully restrained in bondage I was not meant to be able to get out of. I'm a pretty fiercely independent woman.  I take care of myself and allowing someone to restrain you just seems like it SHOULD go against who I am. Right?

However, what I find absolutely delicious about all of this, is that in those moments, bound or in a position of submission, that I feel completely free. Free of responsibilities and the burden's of every day life.  All the things you have to worry over and fret about just disappear, because your Fate is not your own in those moments. It's a total loss of control over the thing you inherently protect beyond all other things. Your body.

So for someone like me, who by circumstance has to take care of and control everything in her life to feel that way even for an hour or two, is a sweet, sweet release.

Or so I learned.

So, before long it was off to the dungeon! We wound are way through all the scantily dressed models and the dapper looking producer's and made our way to the dungeon. I was excited, not nervous. I am an intensely curious person and I love new experiences. I've always been open about my interests in Fetish, but found that most partners were too self conscious to really open up about what they want in their deeper, and frankly darker fantasies, so much of my life-long curiosity had gone un-explored.

The dungeon was all you'd expect it to be.  The lighting was dim and there were Fetish Clips playing on a projector in the corner. There were various...shall we call them "Stations of Fetish" around the room and loud music playing. It was hot. Or maybe that was just me.  The sounds that rose above the music were gasps of pleasure, or the sound of leather striking flesh. There's too much to fully wrap your mind around it, and it quickly eases you into this sense of otherworldliness.

We went to a unoccupied corner, near a set up of steel pipe that ran into the ceiling. I'd get to know that pipe rather well, on future visits to the dungeon.  I watched as Arthur drew out this bright yellow rope. Thoughtful man, choosing my rope to match my costume.   He turned me around and pressed up again my back and whispered to me. "Are you ready?"

Was I? Oh, Hell yes.

Without another word, other than some brief instruction as to what to do if I found myself too uncomfortable or in a state of panic, my first bondage session began. I stood absolutely still, waiting and wondering what would happen next.

I could feel Arthur's body pressed up against my own. He was warm and his head was near my shoulder, so I could feel his breath on my ear. Before I knew what was happening, he took that soft silky rope and stroked it over the skin of my chest, just below my clavicles, in a long slow delirious pull.  I shuddered.  He chuckled. I felt my eyes close and I actually swayed back toward him. Now I fully understand the concept of the word swoon.  I though Jon Snow had explained it well enough in Game of Thrones, but no. This was swooning. I swooned.

The rest was this blur of sensation. I felt dizzy and yet I was fully alert. Each brush of the rope over my skin, so delicate and gentle, before it tightened and took away any hope of conscious movement just drew me down deeper into the moment.  People came to watch. Single men, couples, single women. I liked it. I wanted them to watch, even if I couldn't focus on them completely.  I couldn't focus solely on anything but what I was feeling.

Now, don't get me wrong. There is an inherent conflict here. A part of me wanted to get all indignant and ask him just what he thought he was doing to me! But, the bigger part of me was already lost to the experience. And I liked it. No, that's a lie. I loved it.

My eyes came open with a start, as I felt the crotch rope slide between my legs. But there was no shame or embarrassment. Just a little surprise and then even more sensations of helpless pleasure. I could have handled that, I'm sure. I could have stayed semi-collected, if he hadn't then slid a small, plastic vibrating device into the same rope and rested it on my stomach, which in turn, vibrated the rope itself, all the way down. Then of course, he turned it on. It has a remote control. Isn't that handy? 

I won't even tell you about the night he passed that around to the on-lookers. I'm sure you can imagine. 

There is something amazingly beautiful about being surrounded by a group of open-minded people, expressing who they are without fear of judgment. It's as seductive as anything I've ever known, that freedom.  It's funny, but whenever I type the word freedom, all I can picture if Mel Gibson as William Wallace in his blue face paint shouting the word. "FREEDOM!"  But, I digress. I do that.

To say that my first bondage session was a success, would not do it justice. I was addicted. I wanted those feelings again and again. I was lucky though, since, it was only the first day of the convention and there was more opportunity for future play time in the dungeon.

Shakeshift, by arranging this, and Arthur for providing it, gave me this amazing gift that night, though they may not have realized it.  It's more than physical sexual pleasure, although that is a huge factor, but it's the psychological pleasure, the aspect of roleplay, that delighted me all the way down to my nylon covered toes. I wasn't steady enough to keep my high-heeled Wonder Woman boots on, so we had to take them off. Pity. I know.  I was already bound at the time.

Picture that for a while.  Roll around in it.  I still do...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Into the Fetish Fray...

Well, it's real. Good Girl Productions is up and running on Clips4sale! I can honestly say that I never even considered something like this before that fateful trip to a lonely cabin in the woods with Claire V. and Shakeshift back in the Spring. Perhaps...I should explain... (And yes, I like ellipsis' - Deal with it, Shakeshift!) I was working on a Troma film with the lovely Pandora Jones. I can't say enough about what a class act she is, nor how beautiful and sweet. We had a great time on set and I was somewhat fascinated by what she does for a living. I'm certainly not naïve nor a prude of any kind and I've always had a kinky side, but I'd never met anyone who was introduced to me as a "professional dominatrix" before. The fact she was so kind to me on this project also added an air of the unknown about her for me. At any rate, we got along great and had an amazing time on set. We were wrapping the final scenes on a Sunday night when I got a very fateful message from Facebook. It seems a producer Pandora knew had seen a photo of us together and had said I'd make a great Batgirl. Pandora was kind enough to tell him what a dedicated actress I am and then forwarded along the compliment with a question for me. Would I consider playing Batgirl in a Fetish Clip? Now, I ask you....Who doesn't want to be Batgirl? When the Dark Knight Rises filmed here in Pittsburgh I spent all summer wringing my hands and obsessively checking my phone for a call to set, and when it came I went running out of my office and bounced down the hall with sheer unadulterated joy! All of my co-workers knew instantly what had happened. In the end, I got not one or two, but three days on set and some amazing experiences that I will never forget. If you haven't seen me standing alone on Heinz Field after they blew it up for the stadium scenes, check it out on Facebook! So, here I was, with an offer before me to play Batgirl on film. D'uh. Of course I was going to go! Little did I know that as I dipped my perfectly pedicured toe into the Fetish pool that I would begin a whirlwind journey that would lead to Fetish Con in Tampa, to fans and friends offering un-wavering support, to custom clients of my own,to people I've never met before sending me gifts and tributes and finally my own clip store. It's overwhelming and amazing to me each and every day. I can't say enough about how good everyone has been to me and how blessed I am to work with the people I do. If you've never been on set for a Fetish film, you have no idea the work that goes into producing, directing and acting in them. The hours are long, the costume changes many, and the crazy things you are asked to do can cause your head to cant to the side like a confused cat. Especially when you are new. I'd arrived all ready to play Batgirl, the Dark Knight Damsel, mild mannered librarian by day, ass kicking crime fighter at night! Shakeshift promptly put me in a western shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and asked me how my Southern accent was. Um...what? So, feeling less than Bat-tastic, I still gave it my all. I've done Southern for years in stage plays and I am a professional so I embraced my role as Wynona Lambkin, even if I insisted on calling her "Wynona Jugs". The shoot started outdoors and the heat was sweltering and the action very physical as I wrestled around with the spritely and beautiful Claire Vail. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I realized, I was having a great time and an addiction was starting. Little did I know, the fatal dose was yet to come... I was handed yet another costume, and no, not Batgirl. It was red, blue and gold, covered with lovely stars and very, very familiar. Wonder Woman. I just stared at it for a moment. Me? Wonder Woman? Now, I've been a fan forever. Yes, I did have the childhood underroo's and as some of you know the adult version (ahem!)but to be asked to portray her was, to me, a huge responsibility. I flew up the rather scary stairs at the cabin and slide into that tight, form-fitting little costume that I knew so well, and it was amazing. I felt more beautiful and sexier than I think I ever have and getting into character seemed a very simple thing after that. Yeah, I was hooked. I found I loved it all. The Costumes, the acting, the custom scripts (There is something very sexy about portraying a role in another's fantasy!), the make-up and yes, my dear ones, the bondage, the gags, the defiance and at times submission and the cuffs. All of it. So here we are, less than six months later and now I've immersed myself in this passion. It's only going to get bigger and better from here! I hope you'll come swim with me. To all of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, who like my pictures and post supportive comments, who send amazing gifts and just check in on me, to those that purchase clips from my store and contact me for custom work which at the end of the day is what allows me to continue - you have my heartfelt gratitude and thanks! Oh yes, and I did eventually play Batgirl that week. But that, is a story for another day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blaze Begins

You just never know where you'll end up in life, or what twists and turns will happen to you along the way. I've had plenty of bumps, as I'm sure you have, but I learned very early to take them in stride and turns those bumps into my own little joy-filled rollercoaster. I wasn't sure how I felt about blogging. I tend to go on and on, because I want so much to share my passion and excitement with the person I'm talking to, or in this case, whomever may stumble upon this and read it. Sometimes, words on the page can move us, other times, they just leave us cold. And that, my friends, is the last thing I want to do. Some like it hot. And I, am one of those.

I've always found the hardest thing about writing anything, was where to begin. If you start strong, the words, idea's and images just flow out of you.  I'm not a traditional creative writer. I'm good at writing a script and creating dialogue between two characters, or even a monologue from time to time, but to just chat about the mundane? Well, that seems daunting. But then, I do love a good challenge. And the Universe knows I have a ton of stories to tell.

I suspect a good place to begin, might be in explaining the name of this little ole blog. If you've found this, then you probably know me as Jennifer Blaze, Actress and Fetish Model! What you might not know is that I am in the process of putting together my very own production company. Having been a stage actress for years, then moving into film and now, falling in love with Fetish (yes, it's true!) I have the experience and knowledge to bring together my own personal talents and interests and marry them with a host of supportive and creative people that I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with over the years. So, the GG Spot, is going to be all about myself, my experiences and my new enterprise Good Girl Productions! I am so proud to have Good Girl associated with Superheroine Productions by Dawnstar, and Shakes,(or Smalls, as I like to call him), the CEO of Dawnstar (that's Chief Erotic Officer) has been not only an amazing resource and source of support and encouragement, but has turned into a very dear friend.

Why Good Girl, you ask? Well, I'm only too happy to share, and there are several reasons that all came together in one big cohesive sign from the Universe that this was, indeed, the name for my company.

First, I enjoy Good Girl Art. If you are not familiar, google it now! Oh wait, you are lazy.  Here, let me do it for you.

Good girl art (GGA) is found in drawings or paintings which feature a strong emphasis on attractive women no matter what the subject or situation. GGA was most commonly featured in comic books, pulp magazines and crime fiction. When cited as an art movement, it is usually capitalized as Good Girl Art.

I mean, what could be more perfect? Am I right?

Beyond that, though I am versatile in my acting abilities, the feedback from my "fans", who I tend to call "Blazer's" (because I have not yet wrapped my mind around the fact that I have fans. Ha!) is that they really enjoy my work as the good girl heroines, such as Wonder Woman and Batgirl!

However, and although all of the above is true, the most compelling reason for me is a personal one. Come in a little closer and snuggle up with me, and I'll whisper it to you.

You see, for me, one of the most sensual and erotic moments of a more intimate variety, is when a man (or woman, I suppose. Imagine what you like. That IS what all this is about, after all!) holds you tightly against him. Your back is pressed hard to his chest.  He's holding your upper arms in an iron grip. Perhaps, you're even bound.  You can't move or escape. You're helpless and although you've struggled and fought, your strength is waning and you want nothing more than to give in, to submit. He can feel your resolve weakening and he knows then by the subtle sighs and the fact your body now sways back into him, that you've given yourself over to him. It's that moment that he leans in, and whispers hotly in your ear...

"Good girl."